Live Activities Tweak Brings iOS 16-Style Live Activity Widgets To Older iOS Versions

iOS 16 brings the cool live activities activities feature to the lock screen, which allows users to see various things on the lock screen in real time, Live Activities tweak for jailbroken devices brings a similar feature to older versions of iOS.

With Live Activities tweak you can have iOS 16 inspired interactive widgets on the lock screen that show things like Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm, Events and Reminders on the lock screen.

Live Activities tweak displays a notification style widget that updates in real-time. For example, the Timer widget will display a live timer that you have started in the stock Clock app. It also displays pause and stop buttons that allow users to easily interact with the timer right from the lock screen.

Similarly the Alarm clock live activities widget shows the time remaining in your next alarm and features a toggle that you can use to quickly disable it without even unlocking your iPhone.

Live Activities tweak also brings iOS 16 inspired smaller music widget to your jailbroken device’s lock screen.

For displaying the Live Activities widgets this tweak offers two different styles. This includes the Notification Stack, which will put the Live Activities widget on top of a stack that also consists of other notifications.

The Floating View style on the other hand displays the Live Activities widget in a separate floating view, which is displayed separately from the normal notifications.

The tweak also offers customization options that allow users to change the look and feel of live activities widget according to their liking.

You can download the Live Activities widget from the Havoc repository for $2.99. The tweak is compatible with iOS 14.0 all the way up to iOS 14.8.1.

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