Best Brain Training Apps for iPhone and iPad

best brain training apps

Did you ever play crosswords with your friend or solve Sudoku puzzles with a pen and paper during a boring class? It may not be in our best interests to continue playing the best brain games in the ways we once did.

The good news is that these brain training apps and games are suitable for every age group, sharpening memory, improving cognitive skills, and refreshing your brain. Studies have shown that the best brain training apps help exercise the brain.

With technology taking over our lives, it may be time to lay aside our old pens and paper. Fortunately, you can now download some of the best brain training apps 2023 to complete advanced challenges, compete with others, and share your score.

Best Brain Training Apps for iPad and iPhone

Do you want to find out which apps work the best for memory and brain training?

We have compiled a list of games below that will challenge your brain. Let’s check out the best brain training apps for adults.

1. Elevate – Brain Training Games

iPhone brain training apps

Elevate is considered one of the best iPhone brain training apps that enhances focus, memory, speaking abilities, processing speed, and math skills. Training programs are customized for each individual and are adjusted as they progress.

Training with Elevate will boost your productivity, earnings power, and self-confidence as you improve critical cognitive skills. Most users report that Elevate has improved their vocabulary, math skills, and overall mental sharpness when they use it regularly.

Games created by Elevate are based on scientific research and developed with the assistance of neuroscience and cognitive learning experts. Using research in memory studies, Elevate’s brain training algorithms tailor each member’s learning experience with a personalized learning program.

Install Elevate – Brain Training Games from the App Store today

2. Lumosity: Brain Training

brain training apps for iPad

This world-renowned app offers the best brain training games that help improve memory, reasoning, and more.

Learning about how your mind works and training your brain is fun and interactive with Lumosity’s cognitive training program. Over 100 million people use Lumosity to improve their memory, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving skills.

Start with a free 10-minute Fit Test to establish your baseline scores and see how you compare to others your age.

The app offers carefully curated games to target memory, speed, logic, problem-solving, math, and language skills. With a personalized challenge system, the app makes it possible to train in a manner that suits your habits and preferences.

Install Lumosity: Brain Training from the App Store today

3. Peak – Brain Training

best brain training apps for adults

Take your mental skills to the next level with Peak, a fun and rewarding game that helps you expand your cognitive skills.

Peak offers more than 45 games across six categories, each carefully crafted with your needs in mind. Whether you’re a gamer or a fitness enthusiast, you’ll find something to challenge you with versatile Daily Workouts. Need to get things done quickly? No worries, check out Coffee Break for a quick pep boost when needed. Additionally, the app provides data-driven feedback about your performance to help you support your growth and development.

In addition, daily brain workouts help you improve memory, attention, problem-solving, mental agility, language, coordination, and emotion control.

Install Peak – Brain Training from the App Store today

4. Math Brain Booster Games

best brain training apps 2023

Math Brain Booster Games is another of the best brain training apps math that helps you enhance your attention, reaction time, and mental agility! A time limit on simple tasks allows you to run and solve them. Isn’t that simple?

Solving simple arithmetic exercises on the rate activates areas of the cerebral cortex that govern memory, attention, and logic. Thus, the more a person performs these exercises, his mind and mathematical abilities mature.

With ‘Math Brain Booster,’ you can choose from several training modes composed of simple arithmetical exercises.

To solve problems, you need to concentrate on solving as many as possible in a limited amount of time. It won’t take long for you to realize that you are improving in task solving and your mind is growing.

Install Math Brain Booster Games from the App Store today

5. NeuroNation – Brain Training

best brain training games

You can bring your brain day by day on the trot with NeuroNation scientific brain training. Even 15 minutes of training a day can give your brain new momentum and help you overcome memory lapses, dwindling concentration, or thinking too slowly. Treat yourself to a piece of science – right in your pocket – by joining the worldwide community of over 23 million members!

The German Federal Ministry of Health has awarded NeuroNation’s brain training the AOK Leonardo Health Prize for Digital Prevention.

NeuroNation analyzes your strengths and potential in-depth to create an individualized training plan.

This training offers a variety of exercises on 300 levels, promoting your brain in a balanced and motivating way.

Install NeuroNation – Brain Training from the App Store today

6. CogniFit – Brain Training

best brain training apps maths

CogniFit is a brain exercise app and interactive game that helps improve short-term memory and up to 22 other abilities, including focus, concentration, processing speed, reaction time, etc. The CogniFit app makes brain training fun and engaging with various brain games. The patented system improves your cognitive function no matter where you are, at home or on the go. 

Follow your cognitive score stats each day and each week. Throughout multiple brain training sessions, set a goal for yourself to increase your score. Make a plan for training and practicing as often as you wish. Stay on top of your brain health and estimate your cognitive age. You’ll even be able to see which cognitive domains you excel in.

Install CogniFit – Brain Training from the App Store today

7. Mind Games – Brain Training

best brain training apps

Several excellent games in Mind Games use principles derived from cognitive tasks to facilitate you in practicing various mental skills. The app comes with a few free games. The software includes several trial games that can be played three times. You can view your score history and progress graph in all games. Standardized testing also allows you to figure out where you need to improve and where you excel by converting your scores to a standardized scale.

Having trouble deciding what to focus on? By choosing the right mix of exercises, Training Center makes it easy for you to stay motivated.

Designed as brain-challenging entertainment, Mind Games are intended to challenge your brain. 

Install Mind Games – Brain Training from the App Store today

Ready to Train Your Brain?

Human brains are highly complex organs that control thinking, feeling, and voluntary movement. You can take care of your brain with a series of mental games and brainteasers. 

We hope you can enrich your brain with better cognitive skills, memory, and concentration ability after playing some of the best iOS brain training games. 

Do you have a favorite brain-training app? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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