Apple Releases Updated iOS 17 Developer Beta 3

Today Apple has released an updated version of iOS 17 developer beta 3 and it is now available for download on devices that are running iOS 17 developer beta. It replaces the previous iOS 17 developer beta 3 build that was released on July 5.

Along with iOS 17 beta 3’s revised version, Apple has also released updated versions of iPadOS 17 developer beta 3 and macOS Sonoma developer beta 3.

The build number for today’s release is 21A5277j while the build number of previously available developer beta 3 was 21A5277h.

It is unclear at this moment what has changed in the updated third beta. It is likely that the re-release of iOS 17 Developer Beta 3 is related to the imminently expected release of iOS 17 public beta.

Unrelated to today’s re-release of iOS 17 beta 3, Apple had fixed the webkit-related exploit by releasing iOS 16.5.1 (a) yesterday however, that update was pulled hours after release, as it broke various websites. The Rapid Security Response hasn’t been re-released yet.

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