LA Galaxy 4-0 NY Red Bulls [MLS] 28/09/2014
Robbie Keane 8’
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Just caught these great photos of #TimHoward over at #TheOriginalWinger from a @nikefootball video that was just released.

easports bringing some heat with this one. FIFA 15 about to drop in a few weeks and this commercial helps drive that anticipation. Amazing how these games get better and better each year. 

At first glance I wanted to laugh at the idea of “Headis” but after watching the video this might the coolest thing around. New bar game for sure.

Had the pleasure of meeting this guy long time ago while he was playing for the nerevolution. Hands down one of the nicest guys out there.

"Brian Dunseth dishes on the influence of his OLYMPIC team coach and the impact he made on his life on and off the field. DIY: Brian goes by Dunny with his teammates and was one of the first players to sign a Project-40 contract."

#ILoveMyCoach #BelieveSoccerMovie

"BELIEVE" is a story about a player and coach who share in life’s adventures on and off the pitch on their way to a cup. WATCH the full trailer:

Ran into @typicalchad rocking a @Wesc x @bumpypitch collab t-shirt from this year’s World Cup.    (at TOMS Flagship)
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I love that @adidas is bringing back these classic preds. Great move to compete against the @Nikefootball onslaught of new boots like the Magista. These were my jams back in the day and looks like I will be making a new purchase.

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Adidas release Predator Revenge Instinct 94.

Rumours surrounding a Predator re-release began some time ago and now Adidas have made it official with one of the most anticipated and nostalgic releases of the year, the limited edition (just 1,825 pairs worldwide) Adidas Predator Revenge Instinct 94. Everybody remembers their first pair of Predator boots, and depending on your age you’ll have a favourite. The Adidas Predator Revenge Instinct 94 gives players the chance to relive history without sacrificing performance.
To bring the boot into the modern era, Adidas have lost the heavy design and replaced it with a streamlined, enhanced Predator Instinct control frame. Further limited edition releases in the Adidas Revenge Pack will see the the return of Predator fans’ favourite models from the 20 year history of the boots, but where better place to start than the original.

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The emotional journey of cheating on your football team


by alex knowles

"60% of older people in the UK agree that age discrimination exists in their daily lives.

The film dispels the myth that ‘old people are past it’ and instead introduces us to inspirational people with invaluable insight, exceptional passion, a never-ending supply of wonderful stories and a thirst for life that refuses to fade.”


Instinct Takes Over. #predatorinstinct


Suit Up.
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